The Highest Standard of Congestive Heart Failure Treatment at Cardiology Clinic

The Vejthani Cardiology Clinic at Vejthani Hospital offers a full range of finest treatment of congestive heart failure. Our clinic features state of the art accommodation and equipment and specialises in cardiac treatment. The congestive heart failure team of doctors offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services, including Electrocardiography (ECG), exercise stress test, Holter Monitoring, Holter EKG with the forefront medical technology.Our expert team is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient first heart care, ranging from normal check-ups through comsssssplex surgical operations and complete medical treatment ofcongestive heart failure symptoms.

Highest standard of congestive heart failure treatment at Cardiology Clinic Congestive heart failure symptoms treatment at Cardiology Clinic

Meet our expert congestive heart failure team of doctors
With our high-qualified 14 internal medical specialists in various field studies as well as long-term experience in congestive heart failure symptoms and treatment including Cardiologist, Cardiac imaging(MRI/CT), Electrophysiology, Interventionist, the Vejthani Cardiac Center is assured all our cardiac patient will receive great attention by individual requirements and the best treatment to meet their goal in life with a good health of the heart.We look forward to serving you as our precions a patient with the use of the latest techniques and technology available for cardiology treatment. Feel free to learn more about our cardiac services and treatments at The Vejthani Cardiology Clinic of Vejthani Hospital.

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