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Cardiac and Neuroscience medical centers : ” Best Medical Hub of Asia”


Vejthani opens two cutting edge Cardiac and Neuroscience medical centers
Featuring the finest doctor teams and state-of-the-art equipment

Vejthani hospital has opened two new medical centers, a Cardiac center and a neuroscience center, with the idea of promoting its
“two new medical phenomenon”

The two centers are well equipped with specialists and modern technologies. Moreover, highly experienced supporting teams with high-tech equipment have also been brought into the Vejthani’s new services.

The hospital is now ready to serve both local and foreign patients who are seeking the highest quality treatment in the country. Following the Thai government’s plan to be the ?Best Medical Hub of Asia ? Vejthani has invested more than 200 million baht to create these two new medical centers.

Mr. Charkrit Soucksakit, Vejthani’s managing director, explained that heart and brain diseases were the world’s top killers. The World Health Organization’s statistics indicated that in 2002, they caused as many as 16.7 million deaths worldwide.

In Thailand , heart and coronary artery disease has ranked in the top three causes of death nationwide. In 2003, there were 92,733 ischemic patients (coronary artery ) . Of that number, 40,092 had died. The number has been rapidly increasing since then.

The main causal factors of the disease are rapid changes in social and economic environments and ways of living, bad eating habits, lack of proper exercise, tensions and other diseases affecting the heart such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high fat. Those factors are largely found in persons of more than 40 year of age.

In addition, the coronary’s high mortality rate not only lowers a patient’s life quality, but it also affects his family both in both mentally and economically because the medical treatments can cost them a fortune. Moreover, this aggravating situation might

cause severe problems for the country’s economy as a whole.

“The Vejthani hospital, as a part of Thai society, has envisioned the serious effects of heart and brain diseases to the society and decided to open the cardiac center and neuroscience center to serve the needs of those patients. Our hospital is well-armed with both excellent personnel and specialists teams such as specialist nurses, experienced technicians and state-of-the-art medical equipment. These factors result in a superb quality of treatment at our hospital. To make sure that we have the best facility for our customers, more than 200 million baht has been set aside and invested into the two projects. Besides the patient caring services, Vejthani’s doctors and management teams are strongly determined to establish the hospital and become the center of medical knowledge to help and support Thais to overcome diseases and other health problems in the future to come.” Mr. Charkrit added.

At Vejthani’s newly opened cardiac center, customers and patients encounter a full cycle of services: examination, diagnosis and treatment. The highly respected and renowned Prof. Dr. Kiertijai Bhuripanyo, the director of Vejthani’s cardiac center, is leading his strong team comprised of various field specialists to give utmost service to all patients and customers. The services in the cardiac center include the treatment for general types of heart disease, non-invasive division, cardiac cathlab, open heart surgery, cardiac ward CCU, cardiac rehabilitation, 64 slice computer tomography and cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging: CMR and Mobile CCU.

The hospital also has high-tech and modern equipment that can help shore up the doctor teams’ capability to give accurate diagnosis results, directly leading to accurate acute treatments. The equipment at the centers include EKG, ABI, Holter ECG Monitor, Ambulatory BP monitoring, EST, Echocardiography, CT 64 Slice, Cardiac MRI, which is a piece of equipment used to diagnose heart and artery problems. The Cath Lab is used for Heart Catheterization and is also used for Balloon Angioplasty and coil occlusion to treat coronary artery disease.

The neuroscience of Vejthani hospital is an uncommon medical phenomenon in Thailand , as it has gathered together specialists who are well-trained and experienced in various kinds of brain and nervous system diseases. Under the leadership of Dr. Yanyong Thongcharoen, the director of the center, strong teams of nurse specialists, technicians, and experienced rehabilitation doctors are keen to deliver accurate treatments and warm hearted service to our customers.

Vejthani also has specific wards for patients who are to be under the care of specialists in each field. With the high efficiency and quality of our brain center, patients can be confident that the hospital services and treatments in both acute and long term treatment procedures will meet international standards.

The services of the neuroscience center can be divided into three categories:

  1. Neurology- curing brain diseases and nervous problems by medicines,
  2. Neurosurgery- treating brain diseases and nervous problems with surgery,
  3. Brain disease diagnosis done by modern state of the art equipment enabling doctors to accurately diagnose the cause of symptoms and diseases.

Moreover, Vejthani hospital has other services, which include electric brain wave diagnosis, sleeping problem diagnosis, neuromuscular disease diagnosis, the CT scan and the MRA. The hospital has equipment such as the MRI, which is able to give a clear image of the brain to find blood clots in the brain at an early stage. Other services offered include the diagnosis of problems which stem from inflated blood vessels and the angiograph, which diagnoses cerebrovascular problems.

Vejthani’s executives in the press conference

  • Mr. Charkrit Soucksakit, managing director
  • Prof. Dr. Kiertijai Bhuripanyo, the director of the cardiac center
  • Dr. Yanyong Thongcharoen, the director of the neuroscience center