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V-Flight: A Flight for Life


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Take a chance.”

He is at Vejthani hospital, sleeping on the couch when his father begs him that he wanted to go home to the United States despite his critical condition. He opened up this concern with his father’s doctor and the doctor said, “Your father is critically ill and we are doing our best for him to survive. On the other hand, if he wishes to go home and he wants to be examined by a specialist in the United States to continue his treatment there, he will need special equipments and a medical team to take care of him in the aircraft on his way back home”.

In this case scenario comes up the newest medical team of Vejthani Hospital in collaboration with Air Ambulance Worldwide Service­­­­­­­­­-Aviation Medical Team (V-flight).

Air Ambulance Worldwide Service is a mobile intensive care provider covering the use of air transportation such as airplane to transfer patients to healthcare facilities all over the world. It is designed to cater the needs of patients who are critically ill and need medical life support such as oxygen, mechanical ventilator, etc.

What are the Services of Vejthani Hospital Medical Aviation?

  • Able to response to emergency cases with a high quality standard care.
  • Provide safe and excellent care service on ground and on board.
  • Flying Intensive Care Unit – transfer critically ill patients to the special care they need.
  • Equipped with all required special instruments.
  • Close monitoring with usage of specialized medical equipments.
  • Our air ambulance medical team has professional Aviation Escort backgrounds.
  • We provide specialists depending on the patient’s individual needs.
  • We have varieties of options for medical transfer with rapid response time to medical emergency.

Who are the medical team that will accompany patient?

Our medical team who will accompany the patients are highly trained and experienced to assist the patient in every step of the journey. The medical team has the following experiences:

  • Our medical doctors are Graduate of Aviation Medicine Course or Authorized Aviation Medical Examiner.
  • Certification of Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • Ability to do multi-task management under critical situations and environment.
  • Access to emergency visa for every country to transfer or pick up patient.

What is a stretcher flight?

In stretcher flights, we book a block of seats with the airline for the airline to install an FAA approved airline stretcher with a medical team provided to take care of the patient. Family or companions can fly along with the patient and be by their side.

Stretcher flights will be provided, arranged and coordinated with the Commercial Airline which will need:

  • Required airline medical clearance.
  • Booking of stretcher installation and tickets for family or companion.
  • Arrangement and provide all ground transportation.
  • Coordinate the transfer with the attending and receiving facility.
  • Arrange for the proper medical team, equipments and supplies.
  • Coordinate the entire transfer and update the family as it progress.

Why is Fit to Fly Certificate Needed?

Air travelling has some unique features for passengers with medical conditions, which must be considered by their doctors to ensure a safe and comfortable flight. Most people are fit to travel by air, but special attention is required for passengers whose medical conditions may be exacerbated by altitude, hypoxia, travel stress, manhandling luggage, changing climates and food, as well as other travel related difficulties.

Fit to fly certification or medical clearance will be provided by the Medical Aviation Team to ensure that patients are fit enough to travel despite of the existing medical condition.

Fitness to travel may be in doubt as a result of an existing unstable medical condition, recent illness, hospitalization, injury or surgery. In this case, the medical team will need to use medical equipments or therapeutic oxygen on-board.

The principal factors to consider when assessing a passenger’s fitness for air travel are:

  • A passenger has an existing medical condition where there is reasonable doubt that they can complete the flight safely, without requiring extraordinary medical assistance during the flight e.g. breathing difficulties, unstable angina, terminal illness, etc.
  • Acute medical condition, recent hospitalization, recent accident or recent operation
  • Progression and/or unstable medical condition
  • Inability to sit upright in seat (stretcher transport required)
  • Oxygen or other medical equipments  required on board
  • Travel is for medical reasons (e.g. for special treatment abroad)
  • Passenger requires a companion to provide medical support

At V-Flight, your safety while we take good care of your health is our priority. We respond to patient’s needs in the most exceptional way locally and internationally. With our most qualified and internationally trained medical team and state-of-the art equipments, health needs are closely monitored. For further information about V-Flight please contact us through email [email protected].

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