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Imagine Healing the natural way by being isolated inside a chamber and being exposed to 100% oxygen. With all the medical advances that have emerged, there is one medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by inhalation of 100%, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. It is used for a wide variety of treatments usually as a part of an overall medical care plan. The treatment is called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy typically is performed as an outpatient procedure and doesn’t require hospitalization. If you’re already hospitalized and require hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you’ll remain in the hospital for therapy.


  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Clostridal myositis and myonecrosis (gas gangrene)
  • Crush injury, compartment syndrome, and other acute traumatic ischemias
  • Decompression sickness
  • Enhancement of healing in selected problem wounds
  • Consequences of Diabetes such as diabetic foot, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy
  • Exceptional blood loss (anemia)
  • Intracranial abscess
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infections (necrotizing fasciitis)
  • Osteomyelitis (refractory)
  • Delayed radiation injury (soft tissue and bony necrosis)
  • Skin grafts and flaps (compromised)
  • Thermal burns


  • Counteracts the condition of hypoxia, resulting from various causes such as disorders of the lung or breathing, blood loss, shock, inhalation of smoke in large quantities.
  • Enhanced white blood cell removal will improve reduction of bacterial infection.
  • Stimulate muscle cells to be able to heal wounds faster.
  • Resistance to infection. Inhibit the growth of many types of germs, bacteria and fungi (Anaerobic organisms) infectious diseases.
  • Stimulate stem cells in the bloodstream to help repair the injured tissue.
  • Increases oxygen concentration in all body tissues
  • Exhilarates the growth of new blood vessels thus, improving blood flow to areas with arterial blockage
  • Produce antioxidants and free radical scavengers and aids the treatment of infection by enhancing white blood cell action
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves blood flow to areas with arterial blockage


Pure oxygen can cause fire if a spark or flame ignites a source of fuel. Because of this, the following precautions should be observed:

  • Do not bring along items such as lighters or battery-powered devices into the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber.
  • To limit sources of excess fuel, you may need to remove hair and skin care products that are petroleum based and potentially a fire hazard.
  • Ask a member of your health care team for specific instructions before your first hyperbaric oxygen therapy session.

During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You may receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy in one of two settings

  • A unit designed for 1 person. In an individual (monoplace) unit, you lie down on a table that slides into a clear plastic tube.
  • A room designed to accommodate several people. In a multiperson hyperbaric oxygen room — which usually looks like a large hospital room — you may sit or lie down. You may receive oxygen through a mask over your face or a lightweight, clear hood placed over your head.

For the safety and comfort of our patients, Vejthani  Hospital’s  HBOT center utilizes “monoplace”, a single-person chamber. Patients can relax, watch television, listen to music or simply relax at ease during the session.

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the air pressure in the room is about two to three times the normal air pressure. The increased air pressure will create a temporary feeling of fullness in your ears — similar to what you might feel in an airplane or at a high elevation. You can relieve that feeling by yawning or swallowing.

For most conditions, therapy lasts approximately two hours. Members of our health care team will monitor you and the therapy unit throughout your treatment.

After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You may feel somewhat tired or hungry following your treatment. This doesn’t limit normal activities.
To benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you’ll likely need more than one session. The number of sessions depends on your medical condition.

To effectively treat other conditions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and administered with other therapies and drugs that fit your individual needs.

Vejthani Hospital Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment Room is located at Ground Floor, inside Emergency Room.

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