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“Changing Bad knee to Good knee”


Vejthani Total Joint Replacent Center (TJR Center), known as the King of Bones and Joints, celebrate its 12th year anniversary.  As we celebrate, we would like to inform our dear customers who needs to change their bad knee to good knee – Knee Replacement Surgery (including prosthesis) is offered for a special price (limited period only). 

How do we change Bad knee to Good knee?

If the knees are severely damaged, performing simple activities such as; walking or climbing stairs may become difficult. Pain is also present even if lying down or sitting.

If non surgical treatments like medications are not alleviating the symptoms and if knees has severe cartilage damage or deformities, knee replacement may be the choice of treatment.

Knee Replacement Surgery is safe and effective treatment that helps relieve pain and restores good function of the damage knee joints. Surgeon removes the damage cartilage and replace with prosthesis.

Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) is the standard approach in Vejthani Total Joint Replacement Center.It is a procedure that is less traumatic to soft tissue than an equivalent general open surgery used for the same purpose. MIS makes proper incision for joint replacement procedure. This approach has less injury to good muscles and ligaments of knee. This Procedure is used in Vejthani Total Joint Replacement Center to provide a better quality of life and faster recovery for patients after surgery. Minimal Invasive Surgery combined with Computer Assisted Surgery (MIS-CAS) provides better results of operation. With MIS-CAS procedure, prosthesis can be placed in its nearly natural or anatomical position and decrease human error from positioning of prosthesis.

Vejthani Total Joint Replacement specializes in Hip and Knee cases. We offer the best solution for joint malfunction and other joint problems concerning hip and knee. Vejthani Total Joint Replacement Center has performed over 2,000 cases of knee replacement, not only in Thailand but also in 40 countries around the globe.

Vejthani Hospital is recognized by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s most prestigious healthcare accreditation body, for achieving a high score of 99.30% in Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC).

Vejthani Total Joint Replacement team is committed to provide the highest quality of life after receiving treatment and surgery. Safety of our patient before and after the treatment is the main priority.

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