The Chief Operating Officer of Vejthani Hospital, Dr. Tullawat Pacharapa welcomes Sqn. Ldr. Boonruang Triruangworawat, the Director General of Department of Health and Service Support to Vejthani Hospital.

A team from Ministry of Health came to check the availability of surveillance and screening measures of patients infected with strains of Corona 2012 (MERS-Cov). The Department of Health Service Support praised the readiness of the authorities in screening the patients.

There are two main doors as the only entrance to the hospital. In every entry point, there are thermoscans and a team of nurses to screen every person who enters the hospital. There are masks being distributed and negative pressure isolation room is ready for use in case of emergency.
With this thorough review, we ensure the safety of our patients through our services. To date, no patient has been found with MERS virus in our hospital.