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Human Movement Rehabilitation


Lokomat gait training

  • Is a robotic-assisted rehabilitation for patients with gait and balance disorder from cerebrovascular disease (stroke), spinal cord injury, brain injury, or from Parkinson’s disease.
  • Provides effective restoration of gait and imitates natural human body movements- Motivates patients with variety of game training.
  • Builds positive awareness in patients about their abilities and progress during training, further encourages them to carry on with the program.

C-Mill machine

  • Is a machine that helps restoring impaired gait in a realistic virtual environment, such as walking through a crowd and avoiding obstacles to prepare patients for real situations.
  • The machine also facilitates in recovering balance and gait disorder and fixes walking speed.
  • The training carries out on a virtual reality-based game in simulated environments that are suitable for each patient. This prevents boredom, reduces pressure and stress during training. More importantly, it motivates them to continue with the program to reach their goals.
  • The machine can be used on patients suffer from brain dysfunction or cognitive impairment especially with their visuospatial ability, help them in operating a step-by step activity, improves attention span for complex tasks and executive function which is a decision-making skill for work management.


  • Is a smart powered orthosis walking assistance device that allows patients to walk with confidence and reach farther distance.
  • The machine enables patients to move independently by overcoming limitations in everyday life from balance disorder and muscle atrophy or muscle pain.
    • Aids patients to walk for a longer period and distance
    • Assists in walking up and down the stairs and on uneven grounds
    • Helps them in squatting as well as getting up from the floor with ease
  • Relieves knee pain