1. Please deposit the full estimated amount before you get admitted.
  2. If the doctor allows you to be discharged, you have to pay all the expenses before leaving.
  3. In case pf longer Duration of hospital stay due to any complication or unavoidable causes, please pay your bill every 3 days at the IPD cashier on the 7th floor
  4. You will be refunded if the actual bill is less than the estimated cost.
  5. Please hand over the patient’s or relative’s passport to hospital officer.
  6. If your visa has been expires, the hospital will precede further steps.
  7. If you understand all of these conditions, please sign below as reference.


  1. Stay physically healthy before surgery.
  2. Stop anticoagulants (Aspirin 7 days, Warfarin 5 days, Rivaroxaban 3 days) before surgery or as recommends.
  3. Stop supplements such as vitamin E, CoQ10, fish oil, garlic, Ginkgo Biloba, and ginseng for at least 14 days before surgery or as physician recommends.
  4. Stop contraceptive or estrogen pill at least 28 days before surgery or as physician recommends.
  5. Fasting 6 hours before surgery.
  6. Show regular medications (if any) or medical history such as MRI to the staff.
  7. In case patient with diabetes, stop medication on surgery day.
    In case of antihypertensive drug, take it until the morning of surgery day or as physician recommends
  8. Contact staff for information at 095-375-9937