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Find and Treat the Root Cause of Cancer from Precision Cancer Medicine

Data from the National Cancer Institute have found that there were 139,206 new cancer patients in 2021 and 84,073 ones of which died. The top five cancer types that are the most prevalent among Thai people are liver and bile duct cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colon and rectal cancer as well as cervical cancer. Cancer treatment has been vastly developed in the present days in terms of both screening technologies and chemotherapy that are designed to reduce the chance of side effects and personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Dr. Vigrom Jennetisin, a medical oncologist at Vejthani Hospital, said the most important factor about cancer treatment is finding the cause of the cancer in each patient. The cause can be found by conducting screening test on cancerous cells to determine what mechanism has caused the cells to become cancerous and investigate what is the best medication to inhibit the cancer growth on each patient. The treatment could therefore be more precise and effective. This kind of treatment approach is called Precision Cancer Medicine. This is because a variety of mechanisms can result in a growth of cancer in the same organ.

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Cancer Avatar – Precision Cancer Medicine

Generally, treating cancer with medications requires a waiting period to see how the patient responds to the given drugs. If the response is not as expected, the type of drugs may need to be changed.

However, currently, an innovative treatment called Cancer Avatar is used to deliver precise and suitable drugs to patients from the very beginning of the treatment process.

Dr. Vigrom Jennetisin, a medical oncologist at Vejthani Hospital, explained that treating cancer with Precision Medicine or personalized treatment approach is done by gene examinations to find the mutations that occurred in the cancer cells. The examination results will be used as the data for the doctor to determine the drugs that will be most suitable for the mutations. Although Precision Medicine is a personalized treatment, after medications have been given, the patient’s response to those medications needs to be constantly monitored for some time. The patient will undergo CT scan, which will detect cancer cells in the body. If the response to the treatment is poor or does not meet expectations, the type of drugs that have been used may need to be changed to increase the efficacy of the treatment.

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CANCER VACCINE, a new option for cancer treatment

Cancer diseases have the highest fatality rate among Thais. The number of cancer patients is increasing each year with a 90% cause of the disease arising from external factors and lifestyles that raise the risk of cancer. Certain food consumptions, stress, viral infections, smokes, consumption of alcohol are some of the factors. Cancer treatment has therefore been developed to boost its efficacy on patients while reducing the side effects of the drugs to be as low as possible.

Cancer vaccine can be used in conjunction with other treatment options as follows to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment:
  • Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy

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Which parts of our body can cancer develop?

Cancers that are common in men:

  • Liver cancer is related to Hepatitis B and C infection; and Liver cirrhosis that is caused by alcohol drinking, and Fatty liver.
  • Lung cancer’ s risk factors are cigarette smoking, carcinogen exposure, genetic, and environment.
  • Colon cancer is caused by several risk factors such as unhealthy diet, environment, and genetic.
  • Prostate cancer is caused by the accumulating mass of abnormal cells.

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Cancers that are common in women:

  • Breast cancer’ s risk factors are family history of breast cancer, obesity, and alcohol drinking.
  • Cervical cancer HPV is caused by HPV infection, and the risk factors for cervical cancer are having sexual intercourse starting from a young age, having several sexual partners, cigarette smoking, or immune deficiency.
  • Ovarian cancer is caused by genetically related risk factor and other risk factors, such as chemical exposure and unhealthy diet.
  • Uterine cancer is caused by hormonal imbalance, and women who are at risk of uterine cancer are those who have never had a child, and overweight women who have diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Find and Treat the Root Cause of Cancer from Precision Cancer Medicine

Data from the National Cancer Institute have found that there were 139,206 new cancer patients in 2021 and 84,073 ones of which died. The top five cancer types that are the most prevalent among Thai people are liver and bile duct cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colon and rectal cancer as well as cervical cancer. Cancer treatment has been vastly developed

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“Targeted Therapy”, a precise medication that stops cancer by targeting its root

Targeted Therapy is a medication for cancer that has been developed to be exceptionally precise. Meaning, it specifically targets cells that have a mutated receptor or targets the receptor that has the primary mechanism of developing cancer. This leads to obtaining a good result of the treatment and a positive response to medications. More importantly, “targeted therapy has fewer side effects compared to receiving chemotherapy.”

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Early detection of “lung cancer” leads to a chance of survival

“Lung cancer” is considered as one of the most detected cancers that have taken plenty of people’s lives in Thailand. This is because the first stage of lung cancer is often asymptomatic. By the time the symptoms show through, the cancer progresses to the later stage. Doctors therefore, recommend those who are at risk of developing lung cancer to

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lung cancer

Avoid the Risk Factors to Reduce the Risk of Having Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is caused by uncontrolled abnormal cell’s growth in tissues of the lung that form a malignant lung tumor. As you know, smoking is the main risk factor of lung cancer but there are other risk factors of lung cancer that you may not know.

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Colorectal cancer

Blood in the Stool, a Sign of Colorectal Cancer

A lot of people might misunderstand that blood in the stool is only a sign of hemorrhoid, so they ignore it, but the truth is, blood in the stool is also a sign of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer doesn’t always have a symptom especially in its early stage. However, if there are any symptoms, the following can be included

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Overcoming the Cancer with Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that relies on the function of the patient’s immune system. Typically, the immune system keeps monitoring and destroying all of the foreign substances, such as germs or cancer cells. However, it cannot detect cancer cells sometimes. Immunotherapy helps boost the effectiveness of the immune system to detect and fight against the cancer.

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3 Reasons why people over 40 should undergo Colonoscopy before the symptoms emerge

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer found among Thais. Many patients who have never undergone colonoscopy as a cancer screening test are often diagnosed with the disease at a severe stage. Primarily because it is seen as an implausibility, or they decide to

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Easy Pump – an innovative way to deliver chemotherapy drugs wherever you are

When delivering chemotherapy drugs to patients with gastrointestinal cancer such as, colon cancer, stomach cancer or pancreatic cancer, patients are required to stay at the hospital for at least 3 days and 2 nights because 1 session of chemotherapy takes continuously 48 hours to deliver. Generally, patients with stage 3 or metastatic gastrointestinal cancers need chemotherapy at least every 2 weeks for a total minimum of 12 sessions, depending on the stage of the disease.

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Types of food “Cancer Patients” are able to consume

Many people wonder about the limitations that cancer patients have when it comes to food and diet, whether meat could be stimulating factors for the development of cancer?  The answer to that question is cancer patients can consume

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4 Myths about Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in both men and women. However, there are still 4 myths about lung cancer.

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10 Signs of Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is detected when a cancerous or malignant tumor is found in the brain. The tumor may form in the brain itself or when cancer cells in other parts of the body spread to the brain. This type of cancer is relatively rare but not improbable. We have compiled 10 warning signs that may indicate brain cancer for you to observe.

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4 Risk Factors of Nasopharyngeal cancer

A definite cause of Nasopharyngeal cancer has not been discovered. Nevertheless, it is believed that there are various contributing factors to the disease.

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How Well Do You Know About Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that is caused by the uncontrolled abnormal cells production in human organs that eventually forms a cancer tumor. Cancer can spread from the affected organ to the nearby organs or other organs through the blood circulation system and lymphatic system depending on the origin location and the type of cancer cells.

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Thyroid Cancer is Treatable!

Thyroid cancer is a disease caused by abnormal changes in thyroid’s cells. In the early stage of thyroid cancer, the patient usually has a lump in the thyroid area, and then it will gradually get bigger and bigger and/or increase more lumps. If it was left untreated, it might spread to other parts of the body.

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Breast cancer

What kind of lump in the breast is a cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common women’s cancers and it is increasing every year. All women are at risk of breast cancer. Hence, checking yourself is an important thing to do. If you have palpated a lump in your breast, it doesn’t always mean that it is a cancer, it is probably a cyst or tumor. So, what kind of lump in the breast is a cancer?

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Patient Stories

Successful Colorectal Cancer Treatment Case

Mrs.Khin Swe Swe Tun who underwent the colorectal cancer treatment at Vejthani Hospital for 4 years, and now she is getting better and better.




Breast Cancer can be cured, if detected early | Vejthani Hospital

Ms. Sopha was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a screening test with 3D Digital Mammography and she decided to receive the treatment immediately with Dr. Thanate Dajsakdipon, oncologist at Vejthani Hospital. The original size of the tumor was 4-5 cm. After receiving the treatment with Targeted Therapy and Chemotherapy, the tumor shrank to 2 cm before undergoing the surgery. Currently, Ms. Sopa is living a healthy and improved quality of life.

Colorectal cancer is curable if detected early

“I have to consider it as luck that I decided to undergo colonoscopy that day. It made me realize that I have a second stage of colorectal cancer, which is not a severe stage. I was treated with oral chemotherapy for only 6 months. I didn’t have any serious side effects while I was being treated. There was a tiny bit of skin darkening and drying but nothing more. Two years have passed now and my blood test reports are normal. The CT scans that I do every time have satisfactory results as well. No abnormalities are found. I want to stress the fact that colorectal cancer cannot be detected from an annual health check-up. Colonoscopy is the procedure that have helped me”.


Lung Cancer Treatment – A light at the end of the tunnel

“The medications that my grandma received had quite a good response on her. The tumor that was on the right side of her lungs covered a wide space, it started to have some rooms now and she can breathe properly. She doesn’t feel tired anymore. She is able to get up and do her daily activities in the house. She no longer has chest tightness. I certainly didn’t make a wrong decision. Because my grandma now has been able to live a happy life that she once had,” says Ms. Thipsukhon Deepuek (Granddaughter of a lung cancer patient).


Tongue ulcer could be a sign of “Tongue cancer, “ which is curable if detected early

Tongue ulcer could be a sign of “Tongue cancer, “ which is curable if detected early

EASY PUMP, an innovative approach to Chemotherapy – No more hospital admission

Cancer Treatment Videos

An innovative approach to cancer treatment – Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy

A countless number of patients suffer every day from agonizing pain that is caused by various types of cancers. A conventional treatment option that has been used to treat cancer patients for decades like chemotherapy helps treat cancer disease but leaves patients with extensive damage from its side effects. With the advancement in healthcare technology, a breakthrough has been made in the field of cancer research. The discovery of Targeted Therapy in recent years is used to treat cancer cells by targeting or attacking specific genes or proteins that are involved in the growth of cancer cells without damaging other parts of the body, while Immunotherapy relies on the function of the patient’s immune system. Typically, the immune system monitors and destroys foreign substances, such as germs and cancer cells.

Myths About Smoking and Lung Cancer | Vejthani’s Scoop

Smoking is the number one risk factor for lung cancer. People who smoke cigarettes are 15 to 30 times more likely to get lung cancer or die from lung cancer than people who do not smoke. Even smoking a few cigarettes a day or smoking occasionally increases the risk of lung cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Is Now Advised to Start at the Age 45, Not 50

For those with an average risk of colorectal cancer, colonoscopies should be scheduled every 10 years beginning at age 45. Those with a family history of colorectal cancer, personal history of cancer or chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), should begin regular testing sooner, as recommended by the doctor.

Easypump: A Portable Chemotherapy Infusion Pump for a Better Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients, especially the patients of coloretal cancerm stomach cancer, or pancreatic cancer require a long period of chemotherapy. Currently, there is a new technological portable device known as Easypump is used for chemotherapy treatment through a small infusion pump. Easypump is designed for cancer patients who need to receive chemotherapy for several consecutive days. Importantly, this will reduce some problems that occur during the session.

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