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Which parts of our body can cancer develop?

Cancer Treatment


Cancers that are common in men:

  • Liver cancer is related to Hepatitis B and C infection; and Liver cirrhosis that is caused by alcohol drinking, and Fatty liver.
  • Lung cancer’ s risk factors are cigarette smoking, carcinogen exposure, genetic, and environment.
  • Colon cancer is caused by several risk factors such as unhealthy diet, environment, and genetic.
  • Prostate cancer is caused by the accumulating mass of abnormal cells.

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Cancers that are common in women:

  • Breast cancer’ s risk factors are family history of breast cancer, obesity, and alcohol drinking.
  • Cervical cancer HPV is caused by HPV infection, and the risk factors for cervical cancer are having sexual intercourse starting from a young age, having several sexual partners, cigarette smoking, or immune deficiency.
  • Ovarian cancer is caused by genetically related risk factor and other risk factors, such as chemical exposure and unhealthy diet.
  • Uterine cancer is caused by hormonal imbalance, and women who are at risk of uterine cancer are those who have never had a child, and overweight women who have diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Save Your Life and Kill the Cancer with Targeted Therapy 


An innovative approach to cancer treatment – Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy

Patients Stories


Breast Cancer can be cured, if detected early | Vejthani Hospital



Ms. Sopha Abdin, (Breast Cancer patient)

Ms. Sopha was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a screening test with 3D Digital Mammography and she decided to receive the treatment immediately with Dr. Thanate Dajsakdipon, oncologist at Vejthani Hospital. The original size of the tumor was 4-5 cm. After receiving the treatment with Targeted Therapy and Chemotherapy, the tumor shrank to 2 cm before undergoing the surgery. Currently, Ms. Sopa is living a healthy and improved quality of life.

“Early screening tests help early detection, and treatment becomes easier”,  said Ms. Sopha Abdin, breast and brain cancer patient, who was in an early-stage of complete loss of vision. However, she has now completely recovered and got back her normal vision while living a pleasant life.

Colorectal cancer is curable if detected early



“I have to consider it as luck that I decided to undergo colonoscopy that day. It made me realize that I have a second stage of colorectal cancer, which is not a severe stage. I was treated with oral chemotherapy for only 6 months. I didn’t have any serious side effects while I was being treated. There was a tiny bit of skin darkening and drying but nothing more. Two years have passed now and my blood test reports are normal. The CT scans that I do every time have satisfactory results as well. No abnormalities are found. I want to stress the fact that colorectal cancer cannot be detected from an annual health check-up. Colonoscopy is the procedure that have helped me”.



Lung Cancer Treatment – A light at the end of the tunnel


“The medications that my grandma received had quite a good response on her. The tumor that was on the right side of her lungs covered a wide space, it started to have some rooms now and she can breathe properly. She doesn’t feel tired anymore. She is able to get up and do her daily activities in the house. She no longer has chest tightness. I certainly didn’t make a wrong decision. Because my grandma now has been able to live a happy life that she once had,” says Ms. Thipsukhon Deepuek (Granddaughter of a lung cancer patient).

Tongue ulcer could be a sign of Tongue cancer, which is curable if detected early

EASY PUMP, an innovative approach to Chemotherapy – No more hospital admission

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