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Types of food “Cancer Vaccines” are able to consume


Many people wonder about the limitations that cancer patients have when it comes to food and diet, whether meat could be stimulating factors for the development of cancer? 

The answer to that question is cancer patients can consume “all types” of food especially meats that contained high protein.  

However, the kinds of food that should be avoided are the ones that can stimulate the development of cancer, such as red meat cooked at high temperature, processed food, raw undercooked food, or alcoholic drinks.  

The most essential factor for cancer patients, especially those who are receiving chemotherapy or immunotherapy, should consume well cooked and clean food. Vegetables should be boiled or sautéed and fruits should be thick-skinned such as watermelon, pomelo, etc. Doctors’ advice is to avoid raw vegetables and fruits that have thin skin.             

Although these food categories are recommended for cancer patients, some of them may have an impact on the absorption and the efficiency of certain types of targeted therapy. The oncologist would inform the foods to be avoided again during the treatment.  

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