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Finding the Right Place for Health Concerns Relief


Finding the Right Place for Health Concerns Relief

Cryptic Fate’s vocalist, Shakib Chowdhury, shares his experience of undergoing an annual health checkup at Vejthani Hospital. While on a business visit to Bangkok, the singer’s chronic symptoms worsened, prompting him to seek medical advice. On a peer’s recommendation, he visited Vejthani Hospital, where he was diagnosed with bronchitis.

Impressed by the quality of service and treatment Vejthani offers, Shakib decided to proceed with his annual health checkup at the hospital. He was particularly drawn by Vejthani’s expertise and reputation in healthcare. Shakib expressed his satisfaction with the comprehensive care he received at the One-stop Health Checkup Center, commending the doctors for their exceptional expertise and the hospital’s excellent service.

For more information, please contact

Executive Healthcare Center, 11th Floor, Vejthani Hospital
Call: (+66)2-734-0000 Ext. 1111, 1130
English Hotline: (+66)85-223-8888

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