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Health Checkup at Vejthani that feels like More Than Just a regular Checkup


Annual health checkup is a screening for various diseases to stay informed about your health. Detecting abnormalities early allows for appropriate treatment planning and a higher chance of successful recovery compared to detecting them at later stages, making it essential to undergo annual health checkups and achieve more accurate results.

In search of a good health checkup program, Mrs. Nora’s Google search led her to Vejthani Hospital, and the positive online reviews sparked a feeling – if it could be the place she’d been looking for.

Vejthani’s customer service made a fantastic first impression, and upon arrival, the Executive Health Checkup Center exceeded her expectations. Luxury met one-stop service created a seamless and satisfying experience for Mrs. Nora. Mrs. Nora shared that it was comfortable, like a luxurious retreat, yet comprehensive, ensuring a thorough examination of her health.

Learn more about Vejthani’s Executive Health Checkup programs and prioritize your health today.

For more information, please contact

Executive Healthcare Center, 11th Floor, Vejthani Hospital
Call: (+66)2-734-0000 Ext. 1111, 1130
English Hotline: (+66)85-223-8888

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