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 The Road to Remission – Triple Hit Lymphoma Survivor


Mr. Zafar experienced seemingly normal symptoms that concealed a deeper concern. Despite months of following medical advice, his condition persisted, causing growing unease. Recognizing Thailand’s reputation as a premier medical destination, he embarked on a journey here in pursuit of healing. The investigations uncovered a challenging diagnosis: Triple Hit Lymphoma, an aggressive cancer affecting the lymphatic system. Dr. Itsara Anongjanya, a distinguished hematologist and a team of dedicated medical experts, constructed the most suitable treatment plan. With unwavering determination and months of chemotherapy, Mr. Zafar was declared cancer-free.

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Internal Medicine Center, Vejthani Hospital
Call: (+66)2-734-0000 Ext. 2200, 2204
English Hotline: (+66)85-223-8888

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