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Beware, Back Pain among Office Workers may be a Sign of Herniated Disc


Back pain in general may only seem like a common symptom among office workers or those who sit in front of a computer for a long time, making people confused that it is only an office syndrome. However, when back pain occurs and it radiates to the legs, it could be a cause of herniated disc that leads to the following symptoms:

  • Back pain or waist pain that radiates down to the legs or feet
  • Numbness and weakness in the legs
  • In some patients with severe symptoms may experience bowel incontinence

To treat herniated discs that are not too severe or at an initial stage, the doctor may consider prescribing pain relievers and physical therapy. However, if the symptoms do not improve, surgery may be necessary.

In the present day, a minimally invasive surgical technique called endoscopy is used. The surgery results in an incision that is smaller than 1 cm. it also reduces injuries of the surrounding tissues, resulting in minimum pain and shorter recovery, allowing patients to quickly return to their normal lifestyles.

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