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One of the Best Hospitals in Bangkok Welcomes Visitors


Many hospitals in Thailand aren’t used to dealing with foreign visitors traveling to Thailand for its superior and lower-cost medical care. They have good intentions, but they’re just not set up to handle all the immigration and visa issues that medical tourism can present. 

Vejthani Hospital, awarded as Hospital of the Year, 2022 in Thailand by Healthcare Asia Awards, is one of the best hospitals in Bangkok for welcoming foreigners traveling to Thailand for medical treatment. A complete international team with English and  many other foreign language speakers are available to assist international patients. 

Undergoing medical treatment at Vejthani Hospital is seamless from the initial contact when you make an appointment, the moment you land in Thailand until warm, friendly and experienced staff send you off to your home.  

Undergo Medical Treatment in Thailand

Many people from all over the world have relied on the medical hub in Thailand to treat their chronic conditions and recurring medical problems. They’re sold on the quality of the medical care at Vejthani Hospital and the little extras that make visiting Thailand so trouble-free despite their medical condition. 

Vejthani is one of the few hospitals that have an entire department set up to cater to the needs of overseas patients. 

They take care of patients’ visa extension, booking accommodation and many more. 

International Referral Center

Vejthani has a separate department called the Referral and Aviation Division. Their job is to oversee all the details of transporting a patient between their homes and Vejthani Hospital and back. These details include, but are not limited to:

  • Hotel arrangements for family
  • Visa Extensions
  • Travel arrangements
  • V-Flight Service

Vejthani provides not only visa extension services but also the 90-day reporting service that any foreigner staying over 90 days in Thailand must comply with. 

Please notify Vejthani at least 15 days before the expiration of your visa.

Other services provided by Vejthani Hospital might include getting the patient’s relevant medical records from their doctor at home or arranging for the family’s ground transportation in Bangkok between their hotel and the hospital. Anything that makes life easier for the patient and family is the job of Vejthani Hospital’s International Division. 

V Flight Service

Many people aren’t aware that Vejthani Hospital operates its own air ambulance service. This service can be used to transport patients in need of medical care to and from other countries. 

The V Flight Service is designed to offer a range of medical transport services to patients, including air transport by commercial or private flights. When you choose to travel with V Flight, the specialists at Vejthani will swing into action to assess patient information and decide on the best mode of transportation, taking into account the extent of the injury or illness. The service includes:

  • An air ambulance complete with a medical team trained to deal with the patient’s illness or injury.
    The fixed-wing aircraft has advanced life support, a stretcher and oxygen onboard.
  • Flight escort service to accompany the patient on commercial airlines.
  • Ground ambulance transport at either side of the journey. 

The specialized care provided by the V Flight Service can include:

  • Aviation medicine certification
  • Cardiology specialists
  • FAA approved portable medical equipment
  • ICU/CCU experience
  • Neo-natal and pediatric care specialists
  • Patient’s medical record

For patients who wish to have their procedure performed by a surgeon in Thailand, or for patients who have suffered a serious illness or accident while in Thailand, the V Flight Service is the best answer to providing medical transport for patients anywhere in the world. 

With the pandemic easing in countries around the world, there already appears to be an increase in medical tourism to Thailand as patients are able to travel again. Vejthani Hospital,  its V Flight Service and Referral and Aviation Division are all standing by to offer our foreign patients the most comfortable travel arrangements and services.

When you add these services to the outstanding medical care and variety of services provided by Vejthani Hospital, the choice is simple. Vejthani Hospital constantly strives to offer the best experiences to its valuable patients.

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