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No more suffering from Ankle Osteoarthritis


Treatment for ankle osteoarthritis in the early stage starts with physiotherapy combined with the use of orthopedic supportive devices and customized footwear that suit the structure of the foot. Doctors’ recommendations for treatment options also include exercises to help stretch and strengthen surrounding muscles. Medications for joint treatment will reduce the pain as well.  

However, if receiving treatments with the methods mentioned above signifies no improvements over time or the conditions worsen to the extent where it is disrupting daily activities, doctors’ advice would be to treat with surgical method. There are three different surgical procedures, including ankle reconstruction surgery, ankle replacement surgery, and ankle fusion. The method that will be used depending on the location and the severity of the condition.  

Doctors’ recommendation on the best treatment method for ankle osteoarthritis is to prevent the degeneration of the ankle joint from the beginning because once osteoarthritis occurs, the ankle will be unable to return to its normal condition.  

An important risk factor to avoid for the prevention of developing ankle osteoarthritis is to beware of ankle injuries. Exercising to strengthen muscles around the ankle, avoiding aggressive sports without safety equipment, choose footwear with insoles and appropriate size can reduce potential risks. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is also essential for avoiding excess pressure on the ankle and the joint.  

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