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Signs of Hip Osteoarthritis | When to see a Doctor?


Hip osteoarthritis is a degenerative hip joint disease that commonly occurs in elderly people. However, hip osteoarthritis can also occur in the younger group of people as well because the joints may not have formed properly or there may be birth defects in the cartilage of some people, making the hip joint deteriorate faster than other people, which is likely to occur at the age over 40.

Signs and Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis

  • In the early stage, the patient may experience pain and stiffness in the hip joint while moving the hip
  • If left untreated, it will turn to a chronic hip pain
  • The patient may experience pain that is typically worse at the night-time
  • The patient may also experience limited range of motion, stiffness in the hip, and uneven hip

If you have these mentioned symptoms of hip osteoarthritis, you should go to see a doctor in order to receive a precise diagnosis and proper treatment. For patients who have mild symptoms, the doctor may prescribe medications along with the physical therapy. However, if the symptoms did not improve after getting a conservative treatment, or the patient has severe symptoms or hip joint deformity, the doctor may consider providing the Hip Replacement Surgery.

The Reasons Why You Should Undergo Hip Replacement Surgery at Vejthani Hospital

At Vejthani Hospital, we can provide Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery, which is a surgical procedure in which the damaged and painful hip joint is replaced by a hip prosthesis using a minimally invasive technique. Hip Replacement Surgery can help reduce pain in the hip, increase the hip mobility, and allows the patients to get back to walk without restraint.

  • Any deformities of the hip joint can be corrected
  • Allows the patients to stand up on their feet within 6 – 12 hours, right after the surgery
  • Fewer complications
  • Smaller incisions (only 2 – 5 inches long)
  • Less perioperative blood loss

To make an appointment, kindly contact Total Joint Replacement Center, 2nd floor, King of Bones Building, Vejthani Hospital or call +66(0)85-223-8888 (English Hotline)

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