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Identify and Seek Treatment for a C Spine Fracture


Cervical spine fractures, also known as c spine fractures, are serious injuries that affect the neck (cervical) region of the spinal column, directly below the skull. If not handled correctly, these small fractures can lead to a range of more severe medical issues or even paralysis, so it is essential that you choose a qualified orthopedic specialist to handle any c spine fracture treatment.

What Are C Spine Fractures?

C spine fractures are any fractures including cracks or breaks, within the bones that make up the neck portion of the spine. Because the neck is such a mobile and flexible part of the spinal column. C spine fracture injuries are therefore surprisingly common. While lower back injuries are the most common spinal trauma resulting from daily activities or overuse, injuries of cervical spine area typically occur from a high-impact event, such as car crash, fall, or collision while playing sports.

C Spine Fracture Symptoms

Most people with a c spine fracture will experience severe localized pain and stiffness in their neck. Often the area will be tender and painful to touch. Patients may also experience spasms or decreased range of motion.

Frequently these types of upper spinal cord injuries can be accompanied by straining and swelling of the surrounding tissues and ligaments. This can cause neurological compression and result in numbness or weakness in the limbs, pain in other parts of the body, and difficulty breathing.

C Spine Fracture Treatment

C spine fractures and many of the symptoms associated with them can become very severe rapidly. And because this area is closely connected to the brain, these types of injuries could potentially lead to paralyzation if not treated quickly.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to seek out treatment from a qualified doctor as soon as possible. Depending on the severity and location of the c spine fracture and the fracture pattern, doctors will choose either a conservative (nonoperative) treatment if the fracture or dislocation is mild and occurred in the unharm location of the cervical spine, or a surgical (operative) treatment if the fracture is severe.

Nonoperative treatment for mild c spine fracture and dislocation includes brace (orthotic) treatment and medications.

Operative treatment for severe c spine fracture and dislocation frequently involve posterior cervical fusion and instrumentation to stabilize the spine, and another option is an anterior cervical decompression and fusion. In case that there are severely unstable fractures, it may require anterior and posterior surgery at the same time.

The overall goals of the treatment are to save life, preserve or improve neurologic function, and decrease pain.

Spine Center at Vejthani Hospital

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