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Flat Feet, A Runner’s Obstacle


People with flat feet are at higher risk of getting hurt than others who have normal feet. People with flat feet usually have pain along the inner edge of their shinbone (Shin Splints) and pain at the front of their knees, around the kneecap (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) which are the common symptoms in people who participate in sports that involve running. 

The reason is because the entire sole of the foot completely contacts or in close-contact with the ground, causing high pressure in the sole of the foot and ankle. Therefore, people with flat feet are at higher risk of having pain in their feet and shins. Moreover, people with flat feet also put high pressure on their knees which is also one of the causes of pain in their knees and back.

When to see the doctor? 

Basically, flat feet are usually painless, but if you have pain in the ankle and pain along the inner edge of the shinbone or knee, and it is getting worst, you should seek medical attention and treatment as soon as possible.  

If you ignore your symptoms, it might cause more damages to the muscles and bone, causing you to stop running and enjoying your favorite activities for a while. 

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