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Scoliosis Spinal Surgery and Treatment in Thailand


Scoliosis generally shows during the growth spurt that comes just before the onset of puberty. The condition affects about 3% of adolescents. While it may come on gradually, if it is left to develop, it can be disabling later in life and affect the internal organs, posture, and the ability to function normally.

Some cases of scoliosis can clear up on their own, and some can be cured with just the application of a brace as an effective treatment. But for some of the more pronounced cases in the country, scoliosis spine surgery in Thailand is the best course of action.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Every parent should know the symptoms of scoliosis. If a child is presenting any of these symptoms, the scoliosis may already be advanced, as mild scoliosis may not cause pain or exhibit any outward symptoms.

The main symptoms of scoliosis are:

  • Uneven waist or shoulders
  • One hip is higher than the other
  • One shoulder blade sticks out more than the other one

Treating scoliosis

Spinal surgery is considered the last choice of treatment for scoliosis in Thailand. Although surgery is highly effective in treating the condition, scoliosis can often heal itself over time. Generally, your doctor will monitor the condition from the time it first becomes apparent. They will measure the curvature of the spine to establish a benchmark and use this measurement to determine if the condition improves or worsens.

If the condition is caught early, a back brace may be prescribed as a preventive treatment to keep the scoliosis from worsening. However, the back brace will not cure the curvature that has already occurred.

Scoliosis Spine Surgery in Thailand

Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok offers spinal surgery as an effective treatment for scoliosis. There are various types of surgical procedures to treat scoliosis in children and adults.

Currently, there is a new surgical spine procedure called Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering Procedure (AVBT). It’s performed by using a fusion-less system along with growth modulation techniques to treat scoliosis in children. With this procedure, the spine is able to grow along a healthier path. The surgeon will use the strong and flexible cable/polymer (Polyethylene-terephthalate) to adjust the curves of the spine. Moreover, the patient will receive very little trauma on the tissue of the back which leads to faster recovery time. Most patients are able to play sports within 6 – 8 weeks after the surgery.

In a still-growing child who exhibits severe scoliosis, growing systems surgery is used to anchor rods to the spinal column. Every six to twelve months, the rods are lengthened in another procedure to keep up with the child’s growth. The procedure keeps the curvature from becoming worse and adversely affecting the overall health of the child.

The fusion procedure is used when the patient has stopped growing. Patients who have undergone the growing systems surgery typically have a fusion procedure performed once they reach their late teens. In this surgery, two or more vertebrae next to each other are fused, and over time they form a solid bone.

The benefit of this spinal surgery in Thailand is that Vejthani Hospital has a long record of effectively treating scoliosis. The downside of this treatment is it reduces back mobility in patients to some degree. However, recent improvements to the procedure have enabled surgeons to reduce the number of fusions along the spine thereby increasing the mobility of the patient.

Spinal Surgery in Bangkok

One of the best hospitals for providing effective treatment for scoliosis in Thailand is Vejthani Hospital. If you feel that your child may have a case of scoliosis, make an appointment with the Spine Center at Vejthani Hospital.

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