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Do Not Ignore Trigger Finger


Many people may think that trigger finger is just an annoying disease that is not severe nor needs immediate treatment. But, did you know that the longer you leave “trigger finger” untreated or wrongly treated, the more severe the trigger finger’s symptoms will get. Let’s say when your finger will be locked in a bent position, the tendon and the sheath that surrounds the tendon may also be permanently damaged and it may be too late to undergo treatment, even a surgical treatment might be too late. Hence, if you think that you are about to have a trigger finger or have pain in your hand, and have the stiffness kind of feeling when moving your fingers; you should see the doctor in order to receive proper treatment.

Currently, there is a non-surgical treatment for trigger finger which is called “Ultrasound-guided percutaneous trigger finger release”. During the procedure, the doctor will insert a special type of needle into the finger and then, open the affected tendon sheath to break apart the constriction that blocks the motion of the tendon in the finger. Most importantly, this non-surgical treatment is done under ultrasound imaging, so you can be assured that the nearby tendons and nerves wouldn’t be damaged. This treatment can be done in approximately 5 minutes.  It will leave no incision scar and the patient can already wash their hands with water 24 hours after the procedure. 

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