“Cancer” is one of the most dangerous disease that is more common than you thought. According to the latest global cancer data from WHO, cancer has increased to 19.3 million new cases, and 10 million cancer deaths in 2020. It means that 1 out of 5 people worldwide is at risk of developing cancer during their lifetime. The most common cancers are Colorectal cancer, Bile duct and Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, and Prostate cancer.

Nevertheless, cancer is a preventable and curable disease.

Nowadays, effective vaccines such as the HPV vaccine and Hepatitis B vaccine that are used to prevent Cervical and Liver cancer were developed. The cancer screening methods were developed to be more advanced and effective, and it can detect any abnormalities or cancer in the early stage. 

There are various treatment options for cancer such as Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy which were developed to be more effective, but fewer side effects. However, the treatment methods for cancer depends on the type and stage of the disease.

This World Cancer Day, Vejthani Hospital would like everyone to be aware of cancer, and understand about its risks and treatment because “Cancer” is one of the most dangerous disease that is more common than we thought.

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