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The Severity of Herniated Nucleus Pulposus


Headache, Neck pain, Back pain, and pain in several parts of the body might be the symptoms of “Herniated Nucleus Pulposus” which is caused by risky behaviors such as phone addiction, sitting in the wrong posture, or lifting heavy things.

Typically, the severity of Herniated Nucleus Pulposus can be divided into 3 range of severity.

This is the starting stage of the degenerative disc which leads to chronic pain in the neck and back. The pain sensation occurs occasionally, however, the severity of the pain symptom is slowly increasing.

The herniated disc can cause pain in the neck and down to the arms. The patient will have pain sensation alternate with numbness symptoms.

When the herniated nucleus pulposus occurs, the patient will feel severe pain alternate with numbness and muscle weakness; and eventually, it might cause disability because of the nerve irritation. 
Therefore, if you seem to have these symptoms, please do not leave it untreated and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  

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