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The Difference of Uterine Fibroid in 3 Different Locations


Uterine fibroid is one of the most important disease that women should be aware of. Uterine fibroid can occur on every age but typically found on women aged between 30 – 40 years old. Only 20 – 30 % of women who have uterine fibroid have abnormal symptoms. However, you leave it untreated, the uterine fibroid may grow bigger, and eventually, it will affect the uterus and the organs around it. 

Uterine fibroid can be divided into 3 types by location as follows:

  • Subserous Fibroid: It is a fibroid which is protruded from the uterine wall. This type of fibroid might cause pain in lower abdomen. it might have compression effect to surrounding organs such as colon or bladder. 
  • Intramural Fibroid: This fibroid type grows inside uterus muscle layer. It can cause abnormal menstrual period, painful menstruation, or infertility. However, severity of symptoms depend on size and location of the fibroid. 
  • Submucous Fibroid: This fibroid grows inside uterine cavity. Even small submucous fibroid can cause infertility, miscarriage, abnormal menstrual period and severe dysmenorrhea.  
  • A patient may have one or more different types of fibroid in uterus.
  • Currently, there is no certain medicine can permanently atrophy uterine fibroid. Despite of regular follow up, surgery would be treatment of choice in indicated patients.
  • There are 2 surgeries mostly performed for uterine fibroid:
    • Myomectomy – surgery to remove only fibroid from the uterus. Patients can still get pregnant from remained uterus
    • Hysterectomy – surgery for remove the uterus with fibroid.
  • Surgery should depends of patient’s condition, size and site of fibroid and fertility desire.
  • There are two common surgical techniques which are the Traditional Open surgery and the Laparoscopic surgery. The advantages of laparoscopic surgery are small surgical incisions (0.5 -1 CM.), less pain, and shorter recovery time. Besides laparoscopic surgery, there is also a scarless surgical technique called Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgeryor NOTES. With NOTES, the patients will have no incision scar and get faster recovery.

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