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Vitamin C , a supplement for our anti-virus system


White blood cells are like the front liners that fight against the viruses and bacteria that get into the body.  According to several studies, there are connections between white blood cells and vitamin C . Vitamin C can stimulate both production and function of white blood cells to be more effective, that means it could boost and strengthen the body’s immunity and defense system.

How to fill-up vitamin C into the body?

There are several ways to fill-up vitamin C into the body, but the fastest way is to receive vitamin C directly through the blood vessels and it is called Vitamin IV Drip. At Vejthani Hospital, we are ready to provide you an immune booster program, which spends just an hour to fill-up your body with vitamins and minerals that can boost-up your body’s immunity to prevent and fight against the viruses. 

The advantages of Vitamin IV Drip

  • Stimulates both production and function of white blood cells
  • Boosts the body’s immunity
  • Anti-oxidant and prevents the degeneration
  • Stimulates function of the body’s cells and organs
  • Faster & More effective
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