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Shoulder Pain , a Common Problem that Affects our Daily Lives


Shoulder pain is a common orthopedic disorder. There are various causes behind the pain but one of the most serious cause is a rotator cuff tear. If you have a shoulder pain or abnormal sensation, do not ignore it. You have to receive a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment by highly experienced orthopedist, otherwise it will turn out to be a massive irreparable rotator cuff tear which is difficult to cure.

The rotator cuff tear will weaken your shoulder, thus your daily activities such as cooking, taking care of your kids, working out, getting dressed, or even combing your hair will be painful and difficult to do.

Nowadays, the main surgical treatment procedure for a rotator cuff tear is shoulder arthroscopy which is a surgery that uses a tiny rod-linked camera and instruments to examine and repair the rotator cuff inside the shoulder. The arthroscope will be inserted into the shoulder through a 1 centimeter size of cut on the skin, which means that the patient will feel less pain and faster recovery compared to the open-surgery. Patients who will undergo the surgery will be happier because they could spend their lives normally and do whatever they want to do freely without pain after 6 months of the surgery.

Furthermore, the risk of rotator cuff tear could be reduced by doing gentle exercise habitually to increase the strength and flexibility of the rotator cuff, and avoid the activities that could harm your shoulders, such as arm swinging or pulling.

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