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Does Fasting Work for Weight Loss?


A lot of people skip their dinner or maybe have just a bowl of vegetable just because they want to lose weight but unfortunately, they did not lose any weight. Some people skip their breakfast because they think it is not important while some people consume a huge portion of food in the morning but skip lunch and dinner. People who have these behaviors are at risk because fasting makes you want to consume more food, decreases your metabolism ability, as well as fat burning ability.  Moreover, it will lead to long term effects which will turn your body into its hibernation mode. Hence, your body will try to keep more fat by decreasing its metabolism.

Thus, you should adjust your eating behavior and consume a proper portion of food every day. Besides eating behavior adjustment, there is another medical weight losing method called “Gastric Balloon Insertion”. With gastric balloon insertion, there is no need to undergo any surgery. The specialist will insert the gastric balloon to the stomach by using an endoscope. The balloon will then be filled with the blue colored liquid called “Methylene blue” around 400-500 cc. However, the specialist will be the one who decides on the proper size of the gastric balloon in order to get the best outcome.

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