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There are a lot of diseases that cause Adenomyosis such as Acrochordon, Uterine Fibroids, Uterine cancer, and Endometriosis.

 Adenomyosis is a disease that occurs when the endometrium grows in other parts of the organ. If it occurs in the ovary, it will be called Chocolate Cyst. If it occurs in the myometrium, the myometrium wall will be thicker and the uterus will be bigger as well. 

When the Adenomyosis occurs, the patient will have the following symptoms:

  1. Heavy period
  2. Menstrual Cramps
  3. Lower abdominal pressure
  4. A bulge in the lower abdominal 

Adenomyosis can be cured by anti-inflammatory medication, hormone controlling, or surgical treatment. However, it depends on its severity and the patient’s desire to have a baby.

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