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“ Kid’s allergy ” can be cured


In the festive season, many families traveled to many places but some might get the allergy as a souvenir from the trip because they faced environmental and climate changes, and if it happened in your little children, you might feel worried because it will affect their daily life. However, there are the ways to cure the kid’s allergy, such as vaccination and sublingual medication. The sooner your children receive the treatment, the more chance your children’s allergy can be cured effectively.

Dr.Rattana Pensrichon, a Pediatrics Allergy and Immunology doctor of Vejthani hospital said that the causes of kid’s allergy are genetics and environmental factors. Basically, the allergies that usually found in the baby and children age under 3 years old are food and skin allergies, but in children age over 3 years old, they usually have respiratory allergy, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, or allergic conjunctivitis.

Nowadays, the kid’s allergy can be cured by vaccination and sublingual medication. The vaccine and medicine will enhance body’s immunity to be healthier enough to fight against the allergy. After 3 – 6 months of the treatment, the immunity will be healthier and the allergic symptoms will be better as well. If the patient receives the treatment for 3 – 5 years continuously, the allergy will be gone for 10 years at least.

The sublingual medication is the easiest way to cure the allergy and it has fewer side effects, just placing the drug under the tongue every day, but there are still some limitations that are suitable for children age over 12 years old and it can cure only dust allergy. The vaccination can be used in children age over 5 years old and it can cure many types of allergy such as, pollen allergy, dust allergy, cockroach allergy, and pet allergy. The vaccination is suitable for the patients who have chronic allergy and the patients who don’t want to spend much time on treatment. However, the vaccination has side effects in the very first period of the treatment, the patients will have swollen and itchy symptoms in the specific areas, but some patients might have rash all over the body and breathing difficulty.  The doctor will provide the treatment base on the patients’ symptoms and adjust the amount of the medication to be more suitable with each patient.

You may take your children to see the doctor to receive the skin test or blood test to diagnosis the allergic diseases and find the best treatment as well as the ways of how to take care of themselves and how to prevent the allergy.

                “The most effective way of allergy treatment is to be cured since young aged because the kid’s immunity can be changed so that it has more chance to be cured and importantly, it can reduce the risk of allergies. We recommend the parents to observe your children’s symptom and take your children to see the doctor to diagnosis and plan the treatment’s plan for your children for the next steps.” Dr.Rattana said.

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