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Top careers that have a high risk of Spondylosis



Many people may think that officers might be a career that has a high risk of spondylosis because of their lifestyle that needs to walk a lot, seated for a long time, have bad eating habits, and less sleep. However, other careers have a high risk of spondylosis as well.

Programmer: Programmer as well as other careers that need to be seated in front of the computer for a long time such as, graphic designer, architect, and writer. Also, sitting in an improper posture, such as humpback and cross-legged. These habits will increase the risk of spondylosis.

Flight attendant: The flight attendant is the career that needs to be seated, walk, or stand and balance their body on the aeroplane for a long time so that can cause many problems. The symptoms that usually occur are back pain, and muscle pain, especially muscle around the neck and shoulder.

Service provider: Service providers such as sale person, cashiers, or receptionists in the hotel or department store since they have to stand up for a long time, and if they stand in the wrong posture, it might cause scoliosis and other spinal diseases in the future.

Labourer: Labourer or people who have to lift heavy things frequently, including bending down and elevating up repeatedly, especially in the wrong posture, and lifting too heavy things. These behaviours will harm the spine unconsciously.

Besides changing daily life habits,  we should do exercise habitually to enhance the muscle abilities to support the spine and control body weight to reduce the risk of spondylosis.

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