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Epidural Steroid Injection as Back Pain Treatment in Bangkok


Back pain is a common problem that spine surgeons confront every day, most common factors that cause back pain are trauma, civilized lifestyle or inappropriate working ergonomics. Most especially, back pain that is caused by degeneration of intervertebral disc or failed back syndrome is a gradually increasing pain. Back pain could last from a few days to a few weeks; and this is called acute back pain. Chronic back pain could last for more than six months. Medication treatment is the first appropriate option. Taking over-the-counter medicines, resting and rehabilitation could relieve back pain symptoms. However, if it is getting worse or it’s impossible to wait any longer, seeking for optional back pain treatment is recommended.

The doctor will confirm the exact cause of back pain by history taking and neurological physical examination. X-ray, CT lumbrosacral spine and MRI lumbrosacral spine will be used to confirm the diagnosis. Surgery will be indicated with regards to the identified cause which is related to the spinal imaging. On the other hand, if the spine condition is not too bad or not indicated for surgery, an alternative back pain treatment option will be used, which is the Epidural Steroid Injection.

Epidural Steroid Injection is an available back pain treatment in Bangkok. The doctor will inject the combination of steriod and anesthetic agent above the thecal sac or nerve root. To select the nerve root prior to injection on the affected lumbar nerve root, a selective nerve root block is indicated. With the Pain Control Manipulator, Epidural steroid injection or selective nerve root block can be administered in only one injection. The only one entry point will be created in a very small sized incision by a needle puncture in the lower back.

Hence, If you have upper and/or lower back pain with or without radicular pain, and refractory back pain of unknown cause, and is looking for a back pain treatment in Bangkok, please contact us at Vejthani Hospital or call +66(0)85-223-8888.

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