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Hand Rejuvenation: Make Your Hand Look Younger


The hands are the second most perceivable part of the body after the face, making aesthetically appealing hands and maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance important.

The common visible signs of aging include hyperpigmented aging spots as well as loss of fatty tissue that makes our hands look bony and makes our veins appear more enlarged.

There are various types of hand rejuvenation treatments. The treatment depends on the signs of aging.

The most common treatments are as follows

  • Chemical Peel: For hyperpigmented aging spots.
  • Microdermabrasion: For hyperpigmented aging spots.
  • Intensed Pulsed Light:  We use a multi-wavelength light source to fade the dark spots that are on the arms and hands due to sun exposure.
  • Carbondioxide laser, Alexandrite laser and other Pigmented lasers: For hyperpigmented aging spots.
  • Sclerotherapy: When a sclerosing solution is injected into unsightly veins. This chemical solution irritates the veins, causing them to turn white and gradually disappear.
  • Injectable fillers (Fat, Collagen, Filler): The veins on the back of our hands appear more prominent as we get older because the skin becomes thinner due to collagen loss.  The injectable fillers can add volume to the skin and  enhance  a more youthful appearance.
  • Thermage: The radiofrequency technology that can tighten and thicken the delicate, crepe-like skin and takes only one treatment to regain a smooth and healthy appearance.

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