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Fotona Laser: An Ideal Solution for Skin Resurfacing


Fotona (Variable Square Pulse) Laser is the new Erbium Yag laser which is ideal for skin resurfacing. It comes with a lot of applications and ability to treat, including:

  • Acne scar, traumatic scar, striae, tightening pore sizes
  • Tightening nasolabial (cheek) folds
  • Snoring

Fotona Laser & Acne Scar

With ablative and thermal effects, Fotona laser can improve scars by ablating and smoothening rims of scars as well as stimulating collagen production and remodeling to improve the volume of scars. 3-5 treatments with 1-month interval result in significant improvement. After the treatment, mild crusting will occur and all heals in 5-7 days with minimal downtime.

Fotona Laser & Nasolabila (Cheek) Folds

Using Fotona laser treating buccal mucosa and lips intraorally can tighten the skin, improve nasolabial fold, volumize and rejuvenate lips by stimulating new collagen production. No anesthesia is needed before treatments. Patients will feel only tolerable warmth. There is neither side effects nor downtime. Treatments should be done for 4 sessions with 1-month interval. Significant improvement of skin folds and tightening are seen in 2-3 weeks after each session

Fotona Laser & Snoring

One of the causes of snoring is laxity of surrounding soft tissue in the mouth which can cause occlusion of breathing thus producing noise during sleep. By tightening oral soft tissue including soft palate and others, Fotona laser can improve 50% of snoring immediately after the first treatment. The treatment causes minimal discomfort and no anesthesia is needed during treatment sessions. Each session takes about 15 minutes. 3 sessions every 3 weeks are needed.

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