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Vejthani Hospital, 5th Floor

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Vejthani Neuroscience Center, The Integrated center of Neurological Services for You This is a major achievement that occurred in our medical services in which we have many experienced and qualified neurologists and neurosurgeons in different subspecialties. Joining forces with other paramedical and neurological nurses, technical teams and rehabilitation team. Vejthani neuroscience center offers competent out-patient and in-patient services.

Patients can be assured of receiving an excellent international level of care for both selective and emergency needs.
Our services can be divided into three main areas
1) Neurology

is a medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Specifically, it deals with the, diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease involving the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effect tissue, such as muscle. We provide a variety of services :
  • Stroke Unit
  • Treatments & Neurosurgery
  • Neuro Imaging
  • Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Testing for Sleep Disorders
  • Testing Blood Vessels and Blood Flow
  • Interventional Pain Control
  • Computerized Tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, MRA, MRV)
  • Cerebral Angiogram
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Nerve Conduction Study (NCV)
  • Stereotatic Neuro Surgery (Parkinson’s Disease)
  • Gamma Knife
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER)
  • Somatosensory Evoked Response (SSEP)
  • Visual Evoked Response (VEP)
  • Cartoid Doppler
  • Polysomnography
  • Transcranial Doppler (TCD)
And for common neurological problems, we established various clinics to provide medical services for such problems as follow :
  • Botox and Movement Disorder Clinic
  • Epilepsy Clinic
  • Neuromuscular Diseases and Neurogenetics Clinic
  • Pain and Headache Clinic
  • Stroke and Cerebrovascular Clinic
  • Neurology Critical Care
2. Neurosurgery
Neurological diseases manifest themselves in a variety of forms, and an accurate diagnosis requires both experienced staff and sophisticated equipment. Some of neurosurgical conditions such as primarily brain, spinal cord, vertebral column and peripheral nerve disorders and spinal column diseases are responsive to surgical intervention.Vejthani Neuroscience Center is dedicated to advancing the field of neurosurgery, providing leading-edge, and compassionate clinical care for the full range of neurosurgical conditions. The Center’s resourceful programs encompass brain tumors, neurovascular diseases, functional disorders, pain, trauma and other complex conditions requiring neurosurgical intervention for both adults and children.
  • Evoked Potentials : EP
  • Brain Stem Auditory Evoked Response : BAER
  • Visual Evoked Response : VER
  • Somatosensory Evoked Response : SSER
  • Polysomnography/ Sleep Test
3.1  Neurophysiologic Studies

3.2  Neuroradiology

  • Computerized Tomography : CT Scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging : MRI, MRA
  • Cerebral Angiography
Open Daily : 08.00 am – 05.00 pm
Neuroscience Center
Neuroscience Center, 5th Floor, Vejthani Hospital
Call : 66 (0) 2734-0000 ext. 5400

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