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The Connection between PM 2.5 Dust and Lung Cancer


PM 2.5 Dust is one of the lung cancer’s carcinogens. Thus, you should avoid outdoor activities and wear a mask to protect yourself from PM 2.5 Dust. Children and the elderly are more sensitive to PM 2.5 Dust than others.

There are many places in Thailand that still have PM 2.5 problems at an unsafe level. This problem should be solved immediately because this ultrafine dust causes lung cancer.

Dr.Thanate Dajsakdipon, an Oncologist of Vejthani Hospital said that PM 2.5 Dust is one of the essential risk factors of lung cancer. According to the studies, there is a connection between PM 2.5 Dust and Lung cancer.

Besides PM 2.5 Dust, there are several risk factors of lung cancer, such as:

Cigarette smoking and/or second hand cigarette smoking

  • Smoking cigarette is the main risk factor that causes Lung cancer as well as other kinds of cancer such as Ear, Throat, Nose, Bladder, etc.

Working in an industry that has carcinogen

  • Working in the industry that has carcinogens such as Chromium, Radon, Nickel, etc. is quite risky.

Family History of Lung Cancer

  • Even though Lung cancer is not a genetic inheritance like other kinds of cancer, if there is someone in the family who has Lung cancer starting from a young age, the family members also have a high risk of having Lung cancer (According to the studies).
  • Chronic Lung Diseases
  • Have Chronic Lung diseases, such as Chronic emphysema and Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. People with chronic lung diseases have a high risk of Lung cancer

“In order to reduce the risk of lung cancer, we should stop smoking, avoid cigarette smoke and pollution. Moreover, the people who are at risk for lung cancer should undergo the cancer screening test annually, especially people aged over 55 years old who smoke cigarette around a pack of cigarettes a day for over 30 years. They should undergo the lung cancer screening test with Low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT) which is more sophisticated than the normal one. The earlier you know, the better.” said, Dr. Thanate.

Dr. Yada Louischaroen, a Pulmonologist of Vejthani Hospital also added that we should avoid outdoor activities and better to stay indoors, but if you need to go outside, you should wear a mask that is able to protect you against the PM 2.5 Dust. If you have any abnormal symptoms, such as respiratory distress, cough, breathing difficulty, or exhaustion; you should see the doctor immediately.

“Short term effects of PM 2.5 Dust on health are eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory irritation, and it might cause the recurrence of congenital diseases such as asthma or heart diseases. There are long term effects on health as well such as Chronic bronchitis, deteriorated lung function, and increased risk of lung cancer because PM 2.5 Dust is one of the carcinogens; especially in patients who have respiratory problems and heart diseases. Children and elderly are they are more sensitive to the dust and they might be more susceptible than others.”  said, Dr.Yada.

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