May 18, 2021
One-on-One Online consultation + Medicine Delivery Service
Be Safer and Worry less during this pandemic period. Vejthani Hospital’s doctors are just "One Call Away". Let us take care of your health by providing One-on-One Online video consultation with our Vejthani Hospital's specialist doctors
January 7, 2021
Please refrain from visiting the patients in the hospital.
Due to the COVID-19 OutbreakEveryone’s safety and health is our main concern. Vejthani Hospital would like to ask for your strong cooperation.
December 10, 2020
A Prophylactic Plan for COVID-19 Vejthani Hospital
Before entering the hospital, all customers and staff are required to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. There will be only two entrance-exit doors open on the ground floor which are the front-entrance and the back-entrance. Thus, everyone has to undergo the primary disease investigation with the thermoscan camera in order to check the body temperature and history taking.
March 26, 2020
Vejthani Hospital’s Customer Safety Measures
For everyone’s safety, Vejthani Hospital has developed a disease screening procedure by sealing all the entrance-exit points and adhere to the two main entrances which are the front-entrance and the back-entrance where the disease screening point is located.
March 10, 2020
Prophylactic Plan for COVID-19 and Recommendations for Customers
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand, Vejthani Hospital has developed a prophylactic plan for COVID-19 and recommendations for customers who have traveled or lived with people who came from the infected area within 14 days before having the following symptoms:
February 28, 2020
Currently, Vejthani Hospital has a preparation plan for COVID-19
Currently, Vejthani Hospital has a preparation plan for COVID-19. The patient who has the following symptoms need to undergo the disease investigation.
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