Ramsay Hunt syndrome


Doctors frequently diagnose Ramsay Hunt syndrome by assessing medical history, conducting a physical examination, and observing the disease’s characteristic signs and symptoms.

To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may opt to collect a sample of fluid from one of the rash blisters in your ear for further testing.


Timely treatment of Ramsay Hunt syndrome can alleviate pain and reduce the likelihood of long-term complications. Medications prescribed may comprise:

  • Pain relievers: The pain associated with Ramsay Hunt syndrome can be intense, often necessitating prescription pain medications for relief.
  • Antiviral medications: Drugs like acyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir are commonly prescribed to combat the chickenpox virus.
  • Corticosteroids: A brief course of high-dose prednisone is often administered to enhance the effectiveness of antiviral drugs in Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
  • Anti-anxiety drugs: Medications such as diazepam can help alleviate vertigo, a common symptom.