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Elevating Minimally Invasive Surgery to a New Dimension of Precision


Nine years ago, Vejthani Hospital introduced O-arm for spine surgery, allowing surgeons to visualize precise indicators of the disease. This was further enhanced by incorporating navigator and intraoperative neuromonitoring (IOM) technologies to ensure accuracy during surgeries.

Bringing surgeries to another level, Vetjthani proudly presents the latest O-arm 3D Navigation system, coupled with the Stealth 8 navigation system. This groundbreaking combination provides surgeons with a comprehensive 360-degree view of the spine during surgery, encompassing axial, coronal, and cross-sectional perspectives.

Real-time visualization with navigation technology enables surgeons to monitor the placement of medical equipment even at a millimeter, eliminating the need for large incisions. Additionally, IOM technology safeguards against nerve damage during implant insertion, which is particularly crucial in complex spinal deformity surgeries where realigning the spine is essential. It monitors the spinal cord function in real-time to prevent nerve injuries during the surgery.

The combination of these 3 advanced technologies elevates surgical outcomes, enhancing safety, precision, and patient comfort. Benefits include:

  • Minimally invasive procedures with smaller incisions and reduced blood loss
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Real-time monitoring of nerve function to prevent injury
  • Reduced risk of revision surgery

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