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PM 2.5 Dust , our skin’s dangerous enemy


Besides the effects on the respiratory system, PM 2.5 dust also affects our beautiful skin because of its size and it is able to absorb to the skin, so that causes the abnormal function of the skin’s cells and enzyme.

Effects on skin

  • Acute effect: Skin inflammation rashes on the face and different parts of the body. Especially, in people who have sensitive skin might have more risk of having a lot of acne on face, chest, and back. Moreover, it might come out in an allergic rash that you used to have, such as Atopic dermatitis rash and Seborrheic dermatitis rash.
  • Chronic effect: Skin cells will degenerate, and it will cause wrinkles, melanin, melisma, and freckle because PM 2.5 dust is capable of producing harmful free radicals

The ways of how to prevent these mentioned effects are avoided unsafe PM 2.5 level areas, use air purifier, take anti-allergy medicine and vitamins that could prevent free radicals which are vitamin C. In case that you have to get in the unsafe PM 2.5 level area, you should clean your face with cotton pads that soaked with micellar water before your regular face cleansing because micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water, and PM 2.5 dissolves well in oil so that it could eliminate PM 2.5 dust on skin.

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