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The diseases that people who love hiking might face in nature


One of the most popular travel destinations for long holidays in nature, such as forest, mountain, cave, and the waterfall. However, there are hiding diseases that you might face in beautiful nature. Moreover, some kind of diseases might cause death.

Dr.Chanika Kulapatrapa, a dermatologist of Vejthani Hospital said that insects, mosquitos, and berry bugs that found in the nature such as forest, mountain, or cave react to the human body in 2 ways, which are the following;

  1. Sting or biting reaction might cause a red rash on human skin but no flu or any joint pain symptom. In this case, the patient shall not scratch around the rash area because it might be infected and ulcerated. The way of how to first aid for patients who have rash is to consume anti-allergy medicine but if the patients have ulcers, it should be cleaned by normal saline and apply anti-biotic unguent on the ulcers, but if it has lymph or pus, it should be softened with a normal saline compress for 10 minutes 2 -3 times a day and then apply anti-biotic unguent on the ulcer.
  2. Virus or bacteria-infected reactions will affect the inner human body and that cause Viral Exanthem, a rash or eruption on the skin. The rash will start from the head and then overspread to other parts of the body without itchy symptoms. The rash will slowly swell by the time. If you have these mentioned symptoms, you should go to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Dr.Amorn Saelao, an infectious disease specialist of Vejthani hospital added that the infectious diseases that could be found in the nature, such as Malaria (mosquito-borne infectious disease), Scrub Typhus (berry bug infectious disease), Rabies(viral disease caused by infected animal bites or scratches human or touches infected animal’s secretions), and Nipha(zoonotic virus). People who infected will have a high fever, headache, and muscle pain, and if it gets worse, it might cause death.

However, each disease has different symptoms, for example, Malaria causes symptoms that typically include fever, yellow eye, and black urine but Scrub Typhus causes Eschar which could increase the risk of Hepatitis, and Nipha causes high fever, headache, and tiredness which are the symptoms of Meningitis. Thus, if you have the mentioned symptoms and just came back from nature traveling and was bitten by insects or animals, or touched the bats’ secretion, you should come to see the doctor immediately to diagnosis and able to cure the disease in time.

These diseases can be prevented by wearing protection clothes and applying the insects repellent cream or spray as well as avoid the cave that has a lot of bats.

People who have a high risk of infectious diseases is people who have imbalance immunity such as elderly, chronic kidney disease patient, diabetic patient, or a cancer patient who undergo chemotherapy and people who consume steroid medicine. It is because these mentioned people will have more severe symptoms than others.

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