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Total Knee Replacement


A total knee replacement replaces your diseased knee joint and eliminates the damaged bearing surfaces that are causing you pain.

There are three benefits from your knee replacement:

Elimination of pain
Improved motion
Minimum wear and tear
A patient with painful, deformed, and unstable knees secondary to degenerative or inflammatory conditions needs a prosthesis that provides reproducible pain relief and improvement in function.

The surgery involves exposure of the front of the knee, with detachment of part of the quadriceps muscle (vastus medialis) from the patella. The patella is displaced to one side of the joint allowing exposure of the distal end of the femur and the proximal end of the tibia. The ends of these bones are then accurately cut to shape using cutting guides oriented to the long axis of the bones. The cartilages and the anterior cruciate ligament are removed; the posterior cruciate ligament may also be removed but the tibial and fibular collateral ligaments are preserved. Metal components are then impacted onto the bone or fixed using polymethylmethacrylate cement.

During the operation, the damaged parts of your knee will be carefully and hygienically replaced with plastic prosthetic and metal devices. With high emphasis on the cleanliness and effectiveness of the operation, you are guaranteed to get the finest in knee replacement in Thailand.

Vejthani Hospital also pays much attention to post-operative process and rehabilitation. Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff will help and guide you throughout your recovery process to ensure quick recovery and better motion of your knee. Post-operative hospitalization varies from one day to seven days on average depending on the health status of the patient and the amount of support available outside the hospital setting. Protected weight bearing on crutches or a walker is required until the quadriceps muscle has healed and recovered its strength.

Total knee replacement in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital

Total knee replacement in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital offers the greatest quality of life improvement and provides total solution of knee problem. With our specialized surgeons fully equipped with knowledge provides you with true health care that is more than just a treatment but prevention as well. Vejthani Hospital has one of the highest success rates and has one of the best outcomes in knee replacement surgery.

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