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Patient’s Story: Definitive Treatment for Ovarian Cysts


Meet Mrs. Thandar , a 46-year-old woman who had been experiencing heavy and painful menstruation for over a year but had delayed treatment due to fear of surgery. Eventually, the pain became unbearable, and she searched for a hospital and doctor who specialized in performing ovarian cysts surgery.

After coming across Vejthani Hospital, she consulted Dr. Chutatip Poonsatta, an obstetrician and gynecologist. After a vaginal ultrasound and examination, it was found that her ovarian cysts were growing. Fortunately, Mrs. Thandar’s came for the treatment in time and Dr. Chutatip could perform laparoscopic surgery to remove her growing cysts.

Mrs. Thandar underwent successful surgical removal of the ovarian cysts, and her recovery was swift. She is now feeling much better and is satisfied with the excellent care and treatment she received at Vejthani Hospital.

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