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Can We Trust Smart Watch to Track our Heart’s Health?


Smart watch

Smart Watch is now more popular among healthy people because it has many features like sleep quality checking, steps counting, and calories burned calculation. Others also may have pulse/heart rate monitoring and Single Lead Electrocardiography (Single-Lead ECG). Therefore, various people trusted this device to track their heart’s health.

However, the smart watch has some limitations because it is still a new technology that has few supportive studies and research. For this reason, it might show the false-positive result which could lead to unnecessary health care and treatment.

For those who are worried about having an irregular heartbeat detected by the smart watch, they can go through Single-Lead Electrocardiography (Single-Lead ECG). It will be performed by the specialist in the hospital for at least 30 seconds. You may also have to undergo the 12-Lead Electrocardiography to recheck and for an accurate outcome.

In conclusion, the smart watch can be an initial screening for the heart abnormalities of people who are wearing it, but its result is inaccurate. Thus, receiving a medical consultation and diagnosis from the specialist is the better answer.

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