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3 The miracles happened in 3 days after receiving the targeted therapy for lung cancer



An unexpected thing happened, Lung cancer was detected. At that time, her eye vision started to get worst. Surprisingly, on the 3rd day after she came to receive the treatment for lung cancer from Dr.Natchadol Kitiwararat, an oncologist at Vejthani Hospital,her eye vision started to get better!

Performed by
Dr.Natchadol Kitiwararat, an oncologist at Vejthani Hospital

The most common cancers in men

  • Liver cancer is related to Hepatitis B and C infection; and Liver cirrhosis that is caused by alcohol drinking, and Fatty liver.
  • Lung cancer’s risk factors are cigarette smoking, carcinogen exposure, genetic, and environment.
  • Colon cancer is caused by several risk factors such as unhealthy diet, environment, and genetic.
  • Prostate cancer is caused by the accumulating mass of abnormal cells.

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The most common cancer in women

  • Breast cancer’s risk factors are family history of breast cancer, obesity, and alcohol drinking.
  • Cervical cancer HPV is caused by HPV infection, and the risk factors for cervical cancer are having sexual intercourse starting from a young age, having several sexual partners, cigarette smoking, or immune deficiency.
  • Ovarian cancer is caused by genetically related risk factor and other risk factors, such as chemical exposure and unhealthy diet.
  • Uterine cancer is caused by hormonal imbalance, and women who are at risk of uterine cancer are those who have never had a child, and overweight women who have diabetes and high blood pressure.

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