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Trigger Finger Can Be Released Within Only 5 Minutes
Smaller Incision, Lesser Pain, Compared to Open Surgery

Trigger Finger

The common causes of trigger finger are the behaviors or activities that involves using hands continuously for hours, for instance, carrying or lifting heavy things, using any devices that need to put a lot of pressure on, using a smartphone, tablet, or computer for hours continuously. Trigger finger is usually occur on people aged between 40 – 60 years old, and this condition is more common for women than men.

Trigger Finger’s Symptoms

  • Pain and swelling in the hand at the base of the affected finger
  • Finger stiffness

Normally, the symptoms particularly occur in the morning or when using hands continuously. If you have stiffness in your finger or your finger locks when you bend it, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Currently, there is a non-surgical treatment for trigger finger which is called “Ultrasound-guided percutaneous trigger finger release”. During the procedure, the doctor will insert a special type of needle into the finger and then, open the affected tendon sheath to break apart the constriction that blocks the motion of the tendon in the finger. Most importantly, this non-surgical treatment is done under ultrasound imaging, so you can be assured that the nearby tendons and nerves wouldn’t be damaged. This treatment can be done in approximately 5 minutes. It will leave no incision scar and the patient can wash the hands with water after 24 hours after the procedure.



Dr.Norarit Luanchumroen

(Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor)

  • Over 5 years of experiences in providing the trigger finger treatment
  • Has performed the ultrasound-guided percutaneous trigger finger release on over 4,000 cases
  • Over 10 years of experiences in providing physical therapy and rehabilitation

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Do Not Ignore Trigger Finger

If “trigger finger” is only seen as a disturbance to everyday life and it gets better from just a flick or finger exercises, then that’s not the case. “Trigger finger” is more alarming than what people tend to think. If it occurs and left untreated, it may have a harmful effect on the finger joints. But currently, a new technique can help treat trigger fingers without having to undergo surgery. More importantly, the procedure leaves a tiny scar. Read more…

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