Comprehensive range of treatments for Heart Valve Diseases
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Comprehensive range of treatments for Heart Valve Diseases

Repair your leaky heart valve and save yourself from lifetime medications

Heart valve repair surgery can recover degenerative valve disease, leaky or torn heart valve leaflet and bring it back to its actual function without the need of heart valve replacement surgery. This will let you keep the original structure of your heart valve as it has an effect on the heart function. Hence, the blood-thinning medication for a lifetime is no longer necessary.

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With the help of endoscopic procedure, heart valve surgery is no longer alarming

A new phase of heart valve repair and replacement surgery with the use of endoscopic procedure, leaves a small incision about 4-5 cm, provides faster recovery and fewer nights of hospital admission, allow patients to return to the life they were previously familiar with within 1 month.

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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), an innovative approach to replace heart valve without open-heart surgery

Heart valve replacement with an innovative approach like TAVI is a minimally invasive heart surgery that reduces pain and has faster recovery period, allows patients to return to the life they were previously accustomed, in less time.

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Dr. Taweesak  Chotivatanaphong

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DR. Anuruck Jeamanukoolkit

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Dr. Chawakorn Leampriboon

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Patients Experiences of undergoing Heart Surgery

Experiences of Post Heart Valve Repair Surgery 

Our aim is to incorporate modern and innovative techniques in the treatments of our patients, for their utmost safety, rapid recovery and ability to return to the life as close to the one they once had.

  • Ms. Suporn Bunklib

I found the doctor who is able to repair my heart valve. When I woke up after the surgery, the doctor came in and told me “I have repaired your valve, your heart has now returned to a normal condition like everyone else”. At that moment, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. I will not be living with that anxiousness anymore, it’s the greatest gift of my life..

  • Mr. Wirat Prasomthong

If anyone needs to undergo heart valve surgery in Thailand, let it be done at Vejthani Hospital. Because this place has the highest safety standard and professional medical team. “When I woke up, I was happy as if I was being born from the death. My heart is functioning like a normal person, I could feel that I was not getting tired”.

  • Mr. Krit Pariya-at 

I have been having burping problem and chest tightness for many years. I thought on my own that it’s just acid reflux. But when I came for a check-up, doctor told me there are some hissing sounds in my heart so I had to do further investigations. Then we found out that I have leaky heart valve. The doctor suggested that it can be repaired. I woke up in the ICU after the surgery, the most surprising thing at that moment was I felt like I am breathing deeply. It feels like I got a new life with my same old heart.



Successful Heart Valve Replacement without open-heart surgery | TAVI

Mr. Somkiert Bingasor has been physically active from a young age but as time passes his body, like many others, deteriorates. The patient came to Vejthani Hospital because he has been experiencing shortness of breath for a few years and he used to get tired easily. Upon medical investigations, Mr. Somkiert has been diagnosed with aortic valve replacement. After a thorough discussion among his family, he underwent Transcatheter aortic valve implantation, one of the safest medical procedures for valve replacement, as the surgeon’s advice. He has been successfully treated without having to undergo an open-heart surgery.



Patient’s Story: Successful treatment of Aortic Stenosis and Coronary Artery

Mr. Timothy Lee Blanton suffered from heart valve disease for the pasttwo years in Mongolia. In search of a reliable hospital in Thailand, Mr.Blanton found his hope at Vejthani Hospital. With relentless efforts of Cardiac team and Dr.Taweesak Chotivatanapong, a Cardiothoracic surgeon at Vejthani, Mr. Blanton has been recovered from valve stenosis, coronary artery and heart failure at a crucial time of his life.

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Dr. Pariwat Pengkaew

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