Best Rehabilitation Center in Thailand

        Vejthani Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Thailand   has a strong reputation for its Quality standard services, effective outcomes, and customer care services. Together, we are completely committed to improve our patients' health, their well-being, and most of all, their quality of life. We have state-of the -art facilities and advanced treatment techniques.
        Vejthani Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Thailand   offers many different services. We have a great therapeutic service and that includes, treating, diagnose and develop treatment plan for patients with bone and joint disease by our expert bone and joint specialist. Our therapists protect, treat, and rehabilitate patients by stretching, allocating, and exercising physically. We have a Speech therapist to develop the speaking ability of patients who diagnose with stroke and the like. Our services are mainly covered by physical and psychological treatment for patients who have had accidents or abnormalities of genetic birth.
        Given the treatment and prevention, we are assuring our quality rehabilitating methods to be one of the best centers for international physical Rehabilitation center in Thailand. We are looking forward for more great services that we are proud to offer.Indeed our goal has always been and continues to be providing excellence in rehabilitative services.
Rehabilitative Care given to Patients
    • A complete range of physiotherapy apparatus
    • Short wave diathermy machine
    • Walking Bath
    •  Laser treatments
    • Whirl Pool Ultrasound
        VisitVejthani Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Thailand and get a further information and advice from our certified surgeons. Our high standard of surgery procedure will surely meet your expectations and satisfaction. So keep your eyes on this site and use our “Make an appointmentonline page and select the doctor of your own choice. If you want more information about any procedures, payment methods and any concerns, please use our Talk to doctor” online page, then we will forward your request to an appropriate Vejthani  rehab specialist and you will receive an advice within a few days.
If you want more information don’t hesitate to contact us:
English Contact #:    (+66) 85-223-8888
Arabic Contact #:     (+66) 84-875-7711
Call Center:            (+66) 2734-0000
Fax #:                    (+66) 2734-0008
You can Email us at:
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  Thailand Consumers Choice,

Thailand Consumers Choice, known as CC, is a well-known brand. Any brand recognized by CC is a measure of success for it means that their goods and services can be relied on .This particular field is based on the data of Research organization  which are  under the Management of Asian Integrated Media Co.Ltd.CC  has been  widely recognized in Asia Pacific and Europe. Vejthani Hospital has been confirmed by Consumers Choice Award for its Major health care facilities, where public trust and confidence in their Quality of service achieved.


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