Wide range knowledge in gastrointestinal liver disease and cirrhosis treatment.

Cirrhosis is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when inflammation and scarring damage the liver. No treatment will cure cirrhosis or repair scarring in the liver that has already occurred. But treatment can sometimes prevent or delay further liver damage. The main components of treatment include, treating the cause of cirrhosis, when possible, to prevent further liver damage, avoiding substances that may further damage the liver, especially alcohol, preventing and treating the symptoms and complications of cirrhosis, having a liver transplant if your liver damage becomes severe, as long as you are a suitable candidate for liver transplantation and a liver is available. It is gastrointestinal live disease that we can cure with our most experienced physicians and specialized in cirrhosis treatment.

Full diagnoses in gastrointestinal liver disease with cirrhosis treatment. Fully equipped facilities for gastrointestinal liver disease within the cirrhosis treatment.

At Vejthani Hospital, every diagnoses and examinations are consulted from our specialized physicians and experienced nurses. The gastrointestinal liver disease must be cured by cirrhosis treatment, because the complications are most delicate of the body. If you have just been diagnosed with cirrhosis, which occurs when inflammation and scarring damage the liver, your doctor will recommend that you, stop drinking alcohol. You need to quit completely.Talk to your doctor about all medicines you take, including nonprescription drugs such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve).Begin following a low-sodium diet if fluid retention is occurring. Reducing your sodium intake can help prevent fluid buildup in your abdomen (ascites) and chest. Taking these steps may help prevent complications and further damage to your liver and help you control symptoms.Initial treatment of cirrhosis will also include treatment for any complications that have already started. You may need medicines, surgery, or other treatment, depending on what complications you have. We will guide you in every step of the procedure and give advice in every detail. All you questions can be answered by our best physician here Vejthani Hospital. Make your appointment and let us guide you to the best direction.

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