Many people had alterably used Dementia over Alzheimer’s disease or the other way around. Thus, what is the difference between these two (2)

Dementiais a serious loss of the cognitive functioning of a previously healthy person.  It is a syndrome (a set of signs and symptoms) characterized by memory impairment in advance of what is expected from a normal aging pattern.  Although dementia is prevalent amongst the elderly, it may also occur in any stage of adulthood. There are many causes of dementia which includes various diseases, infections, drugs, head trauma and nutritional inadequacy. Dementia may or may not be reversible depending upon its etiology.
Characteristics of Dementia:

  • Memory impairment
  • Disability to organize thoughts and reason
  • Impairment of the language and problem-solving ability
  • Altered attention and lack of insight or judgment in severe cases

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) – is a degenerative, untreatable and terminal disorder of the brain.  Alzheimer’s damages the brain cells causing impairment to the memory, critical-thinking abilities and behavior gravely affecting work, social life and even daily endeavors. As it worsens, it becomes fatal. Many researchers believe that AD results from an over-production and/or accumulation of a certain protein, called beta-amyloid, in the brain leading to nerve cell death over time.

Characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Progressive and fatal
  • Presently, it has no cure; however, drug and non-drug treatment is available to delay progress of disease.
  • AD is the most typical form of Dementia

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