Bangla Testimonials

Patient Name: Mr. Md. Abid Hossain Khan
Department: Kidney Center at Vejthani   OPD Med
Physisicans: Dr . Umpaiwan  Rungbanaphan, Akanae Wongsawat and their Team ...... [Detail..]

Patient Name: Boy Aiyan Wahid
Clinic: Vejthani Super Kid Center and Neuroscience Center Physicians: Dr Atthaporn Boongird, Maninton Wanarat and team...... [Detail..]

Patient Name: Mr C F Zaman
Clinic: General Surgery
Physicians: Clinical Professor Dr.Auchai Kanjanapitak and Dr. Wiboon Chaiyamongkol ...... [Detail..]

Patient Name: Md. Ashfaque Hamid
Physician: Dr.Manapol Kulpraneet
Clinic: Respiratory Clinic ...... [Detail..]

Patient Name: Mr H.M Khorshed Alam
Clinic: ENT ENT(Ear,Nose,Throat)
Surgeon: Dr.Pakdee Sannikorn
Surgery: Perforated Eardrum surgery...... [Detail..]

Patient Name: Nazrul Islam Khan
Former Ambassador
Bangladesh Nationalist Party- BNP
Nationality : Bangladeshi...... [Detail..]

Patient Name: Mrs. Morsheda Mahbub
Department: Vejthani Breast Clinic
Surgeon: Totemchokchyakarn
Diagnosis: Right Tumor on Breast [Detail..]

Patient Name: Mrs. Nazmun Nahar
Department: Surgery clinic
Surgeon: Dr Pakorn Boonyasite
Diagnosis: Soft Tissue mass on the flank...... [Detail..]

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